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I'm Elaine

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Elaine Tam A multi-dimensional being of multiple talents, juggling to multi-task in this linear reality where the rule of the game is to do one thing at a time, she enjoys this floating or flowing rather, out-in-the-air immensely.


When she travels in group, she multi-tasks big time. Organizer. Elaine. Tour Guide. Elaine. Photographer. Elaine. Emergency. Elaine. Nothing seems to be a big deal. Nothing. Really.


Whether she is flowing in the air or wallowing in the dirt, Elaine finds her anchor by simply trusting life and living her truth. Afterall, everything is only a matter of perspective. It is not real.


  • Creativity

  • Inspiration

  • Spirituality

  • Japan Travel Planner

  • Beauty and Health Workshop

  • Smart-phone photography workshop


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